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The Payments Association's Project Open Banking is looking forward to welcoming a guest speaker to discuss the future model of open banking in the U.K. This conversation will over what the transition from the OBIE to the future entity will look like.

This follows the CMA's joint statement with HM Treasury, the FCA and the PSR (now part of the Joint Regulatory Oversight Committee - JROC) which set out to provide a vision for the future open banking entity. This is a pivotal moment in the development of open banking and we would like to invite our members to join and provide their insights and perspectives. There will be a short fireside chat with a guest speaker, followed by an interactive Q&A.

Key questions we hope to cover:

  1. Where have we come from to now be in this position?
  2. What is the JROC committee?
  3. What does JROC hope to achieve?
  4. How will it approach funding and governance for the new entity?
  5. How will it address the lack of reporting issues and the lack of open banking implementation across the industry?

Please note that this event is restricted to one attendee per member company.


  • Colm Lyon (CEO of Fire)

    Colm Lyon

    CEO of Fire

    Colm Lyon is one of Europe’s leading payments and fintech business people. In a career spanning over 30 years,
    Colm has built payment businesses, led change across the industry and supported the wider business community
    with great passion and enthusiasm, especially for start-up and scaling businesses. He has been acknowledged with
    numerous awards over the years.

    Colm’s primary focus is as CEO of fire.com – a digital account provider operating in the UK & EU.

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  • Jan Van Vonno (Director of Research and Thought Leadership at Tink AB)

    Jan Van Vonno

    Director of Research and Thought Leadership at Tink AB


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